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Our Dearest Friends,

We invite you to be a part of the amazing charity foundation, "Mila for Africa".

Mila Anufrieva, the president of the foundation, is not only well known in the world of the high fashion industry but also loved by hundreds of children in the remote African country of Guinea Bissau. Mila's first visit there happened several years ago, and completely changed her life. Seeing many children in desperate need of the basic necessities, along with impoverished young adults who struggle everyday for survival, filled her heart with love and affection towards them. She knew right there and then that she would strive to help the children of Guinea Bissau to the best of her abilities.

As of now, the charity foundation "Mila for Africa" cares for more than 150 children who was considered to be second class citizens and were destined to be sold into slavery, or into the organ trade. All of these children are orphans who have survived lots of violence and hardship in their lives. Some of them are also young parents, who have never had the chance for skill development and education before. With Mila's help, they now live in a shelter where they are receiving much needed support and care.

Mila's goal is to finish the construction of the first hospital on one of Guinea Bissau's islands. To complete the final stage of the construction, the foundation needs to raise 30 000 € in 2018.

We will be grateful for and appreciative of all of your help!

« We need very few to make a great difference for those kids in urgent need of medicine, food, places to sleep and to have at least basic education».
Mila Anufrieva
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