Senegal villages
We provide financial and food support to 5 villages with more than 50 albinos.
The foundation takes care of about 10 families, to whom the foundation rents housing or provides financial and medical support upon request.
Save a Life
The Foundation provides targeted assistance to people with serious illnesses who urgently need emergency treatment. In 2021 alone, dozens of seriously ill people were urgently operated on and continue to live.
The Foundation organizes the construction of wells in villages and communities where there is no water or water supply.
Albino care
Once every few months, the foundation organizes meetings in the city of Chess for families with albino children in a difficult financial situation. At the meetings, families receive humanitarian aid, spf creams and other necessities.
Address projects
For the last 12 months, our Mila4Africa foundation has done more than the governments of several African countries has done for the last 10 years!
Built the first specialized center in West Africa for 200 children with albinism.
1st center for Albinos
450 square meters children football center
Organized our own football center with an area of 450 square meters for Taliban children, where live 60 children on a permanent basis, about 200 children eat and train.
55-albino chidren center
We organized and maintain a center for 55 albino children who were in difficult life circumstances.
3 wells built
As a part of the 'Wells' project, we built 3 wells in different parts of Senegal where was no water.
1 mosque and 1 school built
We built a mosque and a school in a local village.
Warm clothes for 2,500 children
We provided 2,500 Taliban children with warm clothes.
Shelter support
We support a shelter for 200 orphans every month.
2,000 children fed
Also, as a part of the food support program, 2,000 children were fed in Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau.
Financial support to 10,000 people
As a part of the food program, more than 10,000 people individually received the necessary financial and food assistance from the foundation.
Medical support to >5,000 people
We provided medical assistance to more than 5,000 people.

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