Mila For Africa is a philosophy that allows one to choose a bright future, be truly caring and generous to those who can't defend themselves, who are forced to live in a world of injustice and inequality.
We help African people
We help African people with albinism, melanoma and other diseases. People who find themselves in a difficult life situation. Orphans and children from disadvantaged families.
Help is always needed!
Only in Senegal, there are more than 10,000 albinos, and 5,000 of them are children.
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We don't just transfer funds
We create infrastructure and proper living conditions, starting with the construction of wells to helping with education and career.
Special centres and shelters – The only chance to save and protect albino people
Africa is considered the poorest continent on Earth, but there are those people whose living conditions are even worse than the others. We're talking about albino people who are considered the outcasts of society.
Albinism is not fatal, but the absence of melanin increases the risk of skin cancer. Also, albinos are socially persecuted, being constantly chased and killed.
"Mila For Africa" provides full sponsorship for the shelter owned by the albino confederation in Guinea. There are 26 children under the care of the orphanage, and now our key goal is to expand it to 40 – so that as many children as possible receive support.
We are building another centre for people with albinism "Thies" in Dakar (Senegal). It is supposed to be a large multifunctional center for 200 people.
They face insults and attacks, people are struggling every single day – children can't attend schools, and adults aren't able to find work.
football club
We have founded a football club in Dakar (Senegal). We sincerely believe that we'll be able to foresee and reveal new talents in children who are under our care.
Leisure time strongly affects children's social and physical development. We started running the football club to give African boys a huge opportunity to follow their dreams and reveal their potential.
All the members of this club are orphans and Taliban children (about 200 children in total). A football field and a professional training system were provided, including staff – the main coach and six assistants.
Our young players have already achieved a lot: 9 victories in local competitions and also, the management of major football clubs coming to watch their games.
Our foundation is ready to assist in developing a football club, upgrading its level, allocating a budget and preparing children for big sport and professional clubs.
More of our projects!
Where: Dakar, Senegal.
To: people in villages in remote regions where there are difficulties in obtaining water.
Cost: for one well 3000-10000 €, depending on the distance of the region and the depth of the water.
Done: 2 wells were built and one more is under construction.
Plans: in 2021-2022 we intend to deliver water to 50 villages – 50 wells!
300 families got food aid.
200 albino children received hats and sun protection.
Clothed 950 children from the street before the cold season.
More than 100 albino children received gifts for NY-2020.
Where: Dakar, Senegal.
To: albinos from remote villages where there is no electricity.
Cost: from 13 € for one lamp.
Done: received the first batch of 50 pieces.
Plans: in 2021-2022 we aim to bring eco-friendly and free light to 20 villages, each with 20 families – 400 lamps.
1,500 people received help in the period 2020-2021.
Solar Lamps
Targeted assistance:
And who's already saved one life is capable of saving the whole world!
We truly believe that even a small contribution can save someone's life.
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And who's already saved one life is capable of saving the whole world!
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