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We volunteers of the Fund collect funds for regular expenses related to the maintenance of children-orphans and poor families in our orphanage. We take care of 150 people . Our constant minimum monthly expenses at least 2000 euros we spend for food and medicines.

We are also working on a global project - the creation of infrastructure in Guinea Bissau. We raise funds for the most basic needs now - the construction of a center for supporting children without parents, children and mothers who survived psychological and physical violence and who do not have a livelihood.
We create the House of Hope of Guinea Bissau, a place where food, support and comfort will be found. A part of the building of this house is a medical center with the first necessary help.

To build the House of Hope and a medical center, we need to collect 40,000 euros.
Please be with us.
Thank you for your help!
For donation from Europe and Russia
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