Maternity ward construction
The charity foundation "Mila for Africa", invite you to become part of a great campaign - construction of the very first maternity ward on the Bissagos islands, in Guinea-Bissau. It will be based on Bubaque Island.
This island has no medical support, no hospitals, and no amenities. There is an urgent need to save lives of both mothers and newborns, as maternal mortality and intrapartum deaths are very common there. With every death of a woman during labour, all of her children become orphaned and are forced to live in complete poverty with almost no chance at a better life.

The majority of the construction work has already been completed. Now, we are in Phase 3, which consists of but is not limited to the installation of electricity, plumbing, roof work, finishing works for the interior and gardens, purchasing equipment and so on.

The cost to complete construction is estimated to be 30 000 € (36,800 $ or 46,600 C$).

We already have the medical license for the operation of the maternity ward, and signed contracts with doctors from the United States of America who have agreed to volunteer their time towards providing medical services for local women, and training any local medical personnel.
The cost to complete construction is estimated to be
30 000
36 800 $
46 600 C$
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