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In 2015, after a series of events in the life of our founder Mila Anufrieva, she received a call from a small African country, which turned her life and several hundred more lives upside down. After that call there were a lot of trips to Guinea-Bissau when Mila bought clothes, food, medicine and many other things on her own money. But the scale of needs has grown and is growing at the very moment. Consequently, step by step, a foundation called @Mila_for_africa was founded in Guinea Bissau.
Touching poverty percieved not through TV screens and news bulletins, but through directly living inside an absolutely undeveloped socially and economically society urged Mila to open a fund branch in Russia in St. Petersburg. Such a decision makes it much easier to accomplish tasks that we want to be realized.
Indeed, in Guinea-Bissau everything works in a way as if to resist any honest charity and social development: great difficulties in transferring money to the country, unwillingness to create infrastructure for people's lives, slavery, banditry and many other problems which became prerequisites for scaling the fund to Russia.
Our key goals are to protect and prepare for adult life children survivors of violence, orphans, children with albinism, seriously ill children and those who find themselves in difficult life situations.
Now under our care there are more than 700 children. These numbers are growing every day, since the scale of the disaster in the country is really huge.
In the long term of the project realization, we plan: to open several centers for blind children and children with albinism (which are considered social outcasts in Senegal), hospital with a maternity ward in the Bizhagos archipelago, to provide shelter building in Guinea-Bissau with everything necessary, to open a factory for the production of sunscreens (which will solve the problem of supplying creams for albinos and give people jobs), to organize volunteer tourism, to open a shop selling handmade products from Africa (providing jobs for people and additional financial assistance to the fund), to organize collaborations with clothing designers for their further sale and receipt of funds for the needs of the fund.
Embrace for albinoses.
It is the integration of rejected children with albinism into social life and the provision of proper development and medicine for them. This task is embodied in the construction of a specialized center for children with albinism in Senegal.
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Hope of house.
Functioning for orphans and survivors of violence is supported. Social and financial assistance to the shelter to ensure the decent development of every child. Preparing children for adulthood.
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These projеcts are under development. All those wishing to participate and provide support with information or sponsorship fees, please contact us personally.
Sunscreen Factory.
To continuously supply people with albinism with sunscreens, we decided to create a cosmetics production. Creams will be handed out to people with albinism for free, the project also provides for a commercial area, the funds raised from which will be used to support the lives of orphans and children with albinism and wages to factory employees.
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Volunteer tours.
Helping is easy. Still nice. The most pristine human hands of the beaches, the magical sunsets of Guinea - Bissau fascinate with its beauty. You can go on a trip where you will not be delighted with the locals and the opportunity to surprise the world with such a distinctive and distant Africa.
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Hospital with a maternity ward on Bubake Island.
Due to the lack of proper infrastructure, medicine in Guinea-Bissau is at a very low level. The high level of maternal mortality during childbirth and mortality of newborns prompted us to create a project for a hospital with a maternity ward on one of the islands called Bubake.
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Online handicraft store from West Africa.
Unfortunately, the reality of Guinea-Bissau in social terms is very sad. The country has a high level of poverty, there is no education, medicine, catastrophically few jobs. But there is a wonderful nature and colorful folklore of the countries of Africa. Our idea is the creation and development of an online store of handmade products made from natural materials and beautiful fabrics. This way we will be able to give Guinean-Bissau residents the opportunity to earn money and will have an additional source of income for our fund.
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Guinea-Bissau is one of the smallest countries in the African continent, neighbouring with Senegal on the North and with Guinea on the South part of the country, with the Atlantic Ocean coastline on the East. The country is one of ten poorest and most underdeveloped countries in the world, according to the UN Human Development Report (2016) and ranked on 175 position out of 188, where two out of three Bissau Guineans remain below in abject poverty and where 25% of kids under 5 years old – suffer from malnutrition (World Bank Research 2017) and 9% - die before reaching the fifth anniversary (World Bank Research 2017).
The young and growing population of Guinea-Bissau is supported by high fertility, where approximately 60% of the population is under 25 years old. The total fertility rate is more than four children per woman compensates the high rates of infant and maternal mortality in the country. The latter is one of the highest in the world (18th in the world, according to the Central Intellectual Agency) due to the prevalence of early childbearing, the absence of intervals between births, the high proportion of births outside medical institutions and the shortage of medicines and relevant supplies.
The mainstay of the country's economy is agriculture, the export of cashew nuts and foreign aid.
The history of political instability in Guinea-Bissau, the Civil War and several political upheavals (the latest in 2012) led the country to a fragile state with a weak economy, high unemployment rate, rampant corruption, widespread poverty and a flourishing trade of drugs and children.

The Country lacks Educational Infrastructure, School funding and teaching materials, as well as qualified teachers; this is why parents often send Boys to study in religious schools (Koran schools) in Senegal and Gambia. Guinea-Bissau is the source country of children who are endlessly subjected to forced labour and sexual trafficking; boys are forced into street sales and to manual labour, to agricultural labour and mining in Senegal, while girls can also be forced into street sales, home services and, to a lesser extent, prostitution in Guinea and Senegal.
“I realized the chance to live was given to me for a reason. And the remnants of the past luxury, together with the conceited environment, have already become not the things that you wanted to spend your energy on and the most valuable thing is time. ”
The story of the founder of the foundation and our ideological inspirer, Mila Anufrieva, is the best evidence of the fact that there is always hope.

Mila has been known in narrow circles of Russian and foreign show business since the beginning of the 90s - it was she who, with incredible talent and energy, founded the largest fashion empire in Russia, Vanity. Famous guests from all over the world gathered at her shows, and the Russian market finally felt the trends of international fashion through the signature designs of famous couturiers.
However, Mila’s path was not easy: in the early 2000s, pressure started from competitors, as a result of which the whole business was stolen and sold for a penny, and Mila soon learned about a terrible diagnosis with a minimally positive outcome - optic nerve melanoma. But that was only the beginning of the journey.

Mila's story is truly unique. As a vivid example of a strong and independent woman, she not only did not step back, but also took many important steps forward, towards new victories and goals!
The first victory was recovery, the next step was life in the name of other lives.
A key project without which Mila and her team cannot represent our world - mila4africa charity foundation
As Mila herself says, “I realized that the chance to live was given to me for a reason. And the remnants of the past luxury, together with the conceited environment, have already become not the things that you wanted to spend your energy on and the most valuable thing is time. ”
Through her pain, Mila learned to see the suffering of others and, possessing a good heart, now seeks to help them.
Thus began the history of our foundation, and we believe that with such a leader all the most important is only just beginning!
Everyday we work hard to make life of our kids better and happier. But their smiles are the best reward!
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Providing children with albinism sunscreen and glasses
Continuous medical support for children with serious illnesses
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