Embrace the albinos
Helping people with albinism in difficult life situations. Financial support and assistance in obtaining medical services. Creating the infrastructure for a decent life. Cooperation with international and local public organizations. Publicizing issues and raising awareness. Attracting philanthropists and other stakeholders, scaling up the direction.

What's done:
Targeted assistance in Senegal, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau (10 permanent wards and an average of 20 new urgent individual requests per month; Opening of a children's shelter and the start of construction of a universal multifunctional center for albino children. Joint work with the Albino Associations of Senegal and Guinea. Interviews for local TV, participation in the filming of a film on the subject of albinism. Communicate with high-level individuals and meet local stakeholders. Drawing attention to the problem through public online resources. Carrying out actions and fundraising in support of albinos in Africa. Organizing monthly meetings with albino communities in Senegal, distributing SPF creams and provisions for families in difficult situations. Search for partners for the development of the direction. Search for corporate support (spf creams).