House of Hope in Conakry, Guinea
To develop the infrastructure for a safe and comfortable stay of albino children, to create a system of education and additional skills that are useful for later life. Maintaining order in the internal affairs of the shelter and its maintenance. Development of the system of orphanages. Attracting the attention of local elites to the problem and ways of cooperation. Creating a system for evaluating the effectiveness of the program.

What's done:
Opening of the shelter in October 2020 in the primary form (25 children). Rent a house for a year, purchase of furniture, equipment, and basic necessities for the shelter. Hiring assistants and security guards. A school/ kindergarten for all children has been paid for until the end of the school year, textbooks and office supplies have been purchased, and ongoing work is underway to optimize reporting. Negotiations are underway to attract people from the government to support the project.