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Thank you to our friends for supporting "Mila for Africa". Thanks to them, we provide the most necessary communities, as well as support in the development of health and education.
Oksana Gunger
Oksana is a woman with a capital "W", thanks to whom the existence of the Foundation has become possible. Throughout her life, Oksana considered it her duty to help disadvantaged children and young mothers, regardless of their geographical location. As a mother, she understands the role of childhood in human development, where moral values and ambitions are first established. Living in the Czech Republic for over 10 years, Oksana dealt with many social issues, drawing special public attention to violence against children.

"Children represent our future and a woman must bring love and harmony into their lives, laying the foundations in the child's personality. I cannot remain indifferent to the problems of those around me and I will not stop while my work can help alleviate even a little of the suffering of individual families and children in a difficult situations. My motto in life is "According to your faith let it be done to you (Matt.9: 29) ".
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