"Mila 4 Africa" International Charitable Foundation has been helping children and adults in difficult life circumstances since 2020

The Foundation has gone from providing targeted assistance to systematic work with wards, their families, doctors and medical institutions.

The Fund's activities cover the territory of four countries: Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea and Kenya.

Our mission:
  • Supporting and protecting people with albinism from harassment and discrimination;
  • Ensuring access to medicine for people with albinism;
  • socialization of orphans and children from poor families, access to education;
  • helping people in difficult life circumstances;
  • construction of wells in arid areas;
  • assisting the Maasai tribe in preserving their cultural traditions.
In 2021, the Gorky Film Company made a documentary film "Mila's Angels" about the Foundation and its founder Mila Anufrieva.
The Foundation operates by collecting donations through various social networks, internet platforms and donations from sponsors and partners.