From the queen of Russian fashion to the creator of a charitable foundation in West Africa - a journey of 20 years
Mila Anufrieva is the ideologist and founder of the "Mila 4 Africa" Charitable Foundation and has been working on the problems of orphans, homeless children and people with albinism in West Africa for 9 years.

In the past, Mila was a well-known fashion consultant with an impeccable reputation in Russia, Italy and other countries. She owned the largest Vanity retail chain: 15 luxury boutiques in St. Petersburg and Moscow with an annual turnover of about $20,000,000.

Everything changed in 2007. Mila felt sick, but at first she didn't pay much attention to it. She continued to work hard until it got even worse. As a result of numerous examinations and tests Mila was diagnosed with one of the most aggressive types of cancer - melanoma of the nerve ending. The doctors informed her that chemotherapy was useless and she had no more than three months to live. There were two ways out: to resign or to agree to a complicated surgery with minimal chances: 1 in 1,000,000.

Mila decided to fight to the end. The operation was successfully completed. She could no longer see out of one eye, but she was still alive!

There were other trials ahead of Mila: loss of business, betrayal of loved ones, separation from home. She endured everything, accepted and let it go. She even started anew in Italy. Nevertheless, what happened to her made her completely reconsider her attitude to life.

In 2014, after a call from an old acquaintance asking for help, she bought a ticket and flew to Guinea-Bissau in West Africa.

The first time Mila was there for a week. She saw a lot of injustice. On the last day of the trip, she noticed a barracks where 40 orphans were hiding under the roof from the rain in puddles surrounded by mosquitoes. She promised them she would return. Once in Italy, Mila sold off her expensive wardrobe and returned to Guinea-Bissau with the money.

She talked a lot with local children and traveled through the villages. She learned more and more about how hard life is for people there, especially those with albinism.

That's how it all began. Mila decided to dedicate her life to helping albinos and the needy in West Africa.

In 2020, she founded the international charity "Mila 4 Africa".

Since 2020, Mila has moved permanently to Senegal and has been personally involved in organizing aid to those in need.