The Foundation has a unique sponsorship program thanks to which anyone can become a remote guardian of a child.
The Conakry Center in Guinea

The center has become home to 58 children with albinism who were taken from the streets and rescued from slavery.
The amount of sponsorship for one child is 120€ per month. This is enough for food, clothing and basic necessities.
AGRICE Shelter in Guinea-Bissau

There are three divisions:
  • There are 50 blind children living in Bissau.
  • There are 22 children living in Gabo village: blind children and children with disabilities.
  • The village of Moskovo is home to 20 blind young men and teenagers.
The amount of 60€ is enough for the bare minimum for one child: food, basic necessities and basic education to help children with special needs adjust to life.
Young Star Boys football club in Senegal for children from very poor families

There are 100 boys training at Young Star Boys. In addition to playing football, the children have the opportunity to learn, and for forty children the football school is also a permanent home.

Everyone can become a sponsor of a possible future football star!

120€ per month is the amount needed to support one football player. This money covers school fees, training, food and uniforms.
Children with albinism in Kenya

14 children live permanently at the school because their parents cannot support them and live in very remote areas.
From the very beginning, the Foundation decided that we do not let you choose children. All children are different, but each of them is very important. Therefore, we look at the list of those who need a sponsor and in the order of priority (or urgent need) we give one of the wards.
What does it take to become a sponsor?!

Just your willingness! And fill out a sponsor form.

One child can have two guardians.

Thanks to kind and responsive people, some children have already found their remote foster parents. The rest are waiting!

We are ready to provide any information you need about the sponsorship program and answer any questions you may have.
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