The Charity Shop by Mila Anufrieva
Funds from the sale of goods go to help our wards.
At the moment, the project is being actively developing:
The Maasai are one of the most famous tribes in Africa. They are beautiful, stately and proud people. The tribe leads a semi-nomadic lifestyle, still living according to centuries-old traditions.

The Maasai are also famous for their colorful costumes and jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, headdresses, and beaded belts are a must for every Maasai woman and man.

The jewelry is unique and inimitable. Charged with the energy of sunny Africa. Women of the tribe - mothers of many children - put the power of their maternal love into the jewelry. When working on them, they always sing traditional tribal songs with a smile.

Due to years of drought, disease and cattle deaths, the Maasai in Amboseli, Kenya are now in dire straits. Therefore, most of the proceeds are being used to help this ancient tribe so that they can survive by maintaining their usual way of life.

Our customers are helping the tribe in a very difficult time for them! Every piece of jewelry purchased is a helping hand. It is food, water, clothing for the children, and a contribution to the future of the Maasai.