"House of Hope" in Conakry, Guinea is a center for children with albinism
A center for children with albinism who have been abandoned by their parents and who were forced to work on the streets for selfish purposes

In Guinea, albinos are discriminated against and persecuted. They are also often exploited, sold into slavery, raped and forced to beg in the scorching sun, which is devastating to them. Because of their poor health, they often fall ill, receive no treatment, and as a result often do not live to adulthood. The average life expectancy of albinos in West Africa does not exceed 30 years.
  1. Provide children with a full-fledged stay
  2. Help them grow up to be decent human beings.
  3. Give them an education and then help them with employment, so they can earn a living.
  4. Change society's attitude towards albinos.

It is the first center for albinos in West African countries. The shelter has become home to 40 children with albinism on a permanent basis.

Everyone from the center was taken off the streets by the foundation and rescued from slavery. There they feel safe and secure. They go to school, play with friends, eat three meals a day and sleep in clean beds. Each of them has a chance for a better future.

The building where the children live is rented. The plans are to buy either a plot of land to build a house or a ready-made house with adjacent land.

The center has no permanent major sponsors. The shelter is supported entirely by donations from people who care. The Foundation is looking for permanent sponsors for this project. This would make the lives of the wards much easier and would allow many more children to be rescued from the streets. According to the Albino Association of Guinea: more than 500 albino children currently remain on the streets of Conakry.