«Embrace Albinos» – a center for children with albinism in Chess
The purpose of this project is to support people with albinism in difficult life situations, to provide financial support and assistance in obtaining vital medical services. To create an infrastructure for a decent life and work through cooperation with international and local public organizations.

We also pay great attention to the coverage of this topic at the international level and strive to attract all kinds of structures to cooperate and participate in solving numerous problems.

What has already been done at the moment:
• Organized a system of targeted assistance to those in need;
• Opened a children's shelter in Guinea and began construction of a center in Chess for 150 albinos;
• We hold various events, holidays, concerts, in which members of the albino community receive food support and access to medical advice;
• We interact with local associations and government representatives on support issues, draw attention to the problems of albinism through social networks, interviews and filming.