Construction of wells in arid areas
A project to build wells in water-starved areas in Senegal and Kenya is being actively developed.

  1. Construction of wells in places where it is necessary to get dozens of kilometers to the nearest clean source of water.
  2. Provide thousands of people in permanently drought-stricken areas with constant access to water.
  3. Prevent disease and hunger caused by drought and lack of access to clean water.
  4. Reduce child mortality caused by lack of clean water.
Since the foundation's existence, 7 wells have been built in Senegal and 8 wells have been build in Kenya. Each of them can provide clean drinking water to several thousand people. Water for people in arid regions is, first of all, a salvation from death and a cure for many diseases.

The Foundation has built wells in places where there is no water, where many villages live. People were forced to drink dirty water, starve, children became very sick, mortality rate increased many times.

Recently, a well has been unveiled, in the village of Manyata, in Kenya: it will save thousands of lives.

The plan is to continue building wells in areas where people for miles around don't have access to water sources. The more wells will be built, the more people will be saved from hunger and disease.

In order to be able to build wells, the Foundation needs constant financial support and major sponsors.