Support for poor families
The families we support:
  • The family of Mariam, a single mother with two albino children. A woman saved her babies by fleeing from Conakry, where albinos are in mortal danger.
  • The family of Abubakar, a boy who has Dandy-Walker syndrome (he has a disproportionately large head) and whom the foundation helped to have surgery.
  • Issa's family, in which a grandmother has been single-handedly raising six grandchildren.
  • The family of Maria, an albino woman, and her daughter Celine. The woman had been very abused in the past and her health was severely affected. Her daughter was born after an act of abuse.
There are 15 families and single mothers in difficult life situations under the care of the Foundation. The Foundation provides them with regular support: it buys food, medicines, pays for doctor's appointments and treatment.

The Foundation has a unique sponsorship program, thanks to which everyone can become a sponsor of those in need.
Amount of sponsorship for one family is €200-1000 depending on the situation (number of children, medical conditions).